Clinic At Bedok North - Vaccine Services

Vaccinations are an important component of primary health care.  Here we discuss some vaccines that are of public health importance.


Flu vaccination


The influenza virus is a virus that can cause symptoms attributable to the common cold. However, there are risks of complications in those at risk.


At risk individuals would include both the very young and very old, those with chronic heart and lung conditions as well as pregnant women.

Common complications would include pneumonia, bronchitis and middle ear infections.

Those at risk are able to use their medisave to pay for their annual flu immunisation.

We highly recommend that all individuals receive an annual flu vaccination.


Pneumococcal vaccination


Pneumococcal vaccination is to protect against infections caused by the pneumococcus bacterium. This bacterium can cause pneumonia, middle ear infections as well as infection of the brain lining; the meninges.


Currently, it is part of Singapore’s national childhood immunisation program. All children born in Singapore should have received a total of three doses of the vaccine.


Adults above the age of sixty-five as well as those with chronic heart and lung conditions are at higher risk of infection. As such it is recommended that such individuals consider taking this vaccine.


Those at risk will be able to use their medisave to pay for this vaccine.


Cervical cancer vaccination


The human papilloma virus (HPV) is a virus that not only causes genital warts in both males and females, but can also cause cancers of the cervix, external genitalia and anus in both sexes.


In Singapore, the cervical cancer vaccine of which there are currently three varieties on the market is currently licenced for use in females aged 9 to 26 years of age.


As this is a potentially life saving vaccine, it is highly recommended that all eligible females consider taking this vaccine.


Currently, medisave is only claimable for Cervarix and Gardasil 4. The latest Gardasil 9 cervical cancer vaccine is not claimable under the medisave scheme.


These are just three varieties of the multitude of vaccines available today.


As all our vaccine recommendations are individualized, do drop us a line or drop by our clinic if you have any enquires.