Bedok Clinic and Surgery - Health Screening

Health screening is a cornerstone in the primary prevention of diseases. Risk factors are identified and treated early to prevent development of more serious conditions like a stroke or a heart attack.


We have health screening packages that range from the basic to the comprehensive.


For most individuals, a basic health screen comprising of a cholesterol, blood glucose, liver, kidney, full blood count and urine test will suffice. Along with a physical examination, this should pick up common conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes/pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, early kidney disease and fatty liver.


More detailed blood work would include tumour markers, thyroid hormones, hepatitis markers and autoimmune markers.


We have an ECG machine for basic heart screening.


Specialized radiological investigations are also available to our patients. These include the dexa scan to screen for osteoporosis, CT coronary angiograms to screen for coronary artery disease, MRI stroke screen to screen for cerebral blood vessel/brain abnormalities as well as vanilla CTs and MRIs of various body parts.


As we believe that all health screening should be individualized. Do get in touch with us if you have any enquires.